Rome, Day III.

Technically, day III was yesterday, but the reception in our room turned from shitty to non-existent, making it a tad hard to update.

If you’re a Telenor subscriber who plan to visit Rome, you might find it interesting to know that Telenor has roaming agreements with three operators, Vodafone, TIM and I WIND. Of these three, you only have GPRS roaming with TIM, and, as I’ve pointed out already, their coverage can be pretty bad at places.

On day three we took the bus outside the city and walked to the Catacombs, or “Catacuums”, as it was pronunced by our Engrish-speaking, Italian guide. For some stupid reason, you’re not allowed to take any pictures inside the Catacuums, but ripping the graves wide open and showing old bodies to the public is obviously all right.

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  1. speaking of Italian…
    I need some cute phrases in italian. I want to sweet-talk an italian girl here in Trondheim, so you better return home with something for me.


    P.S. nope. still sober. really

  2. Yup, tried the ice cream. Excellent stuff. If you want to sweet talk an Italian girl, I guess “bella, bella” should be sufficient to get her attention. After that, you can just turn on the Klas-charm.