On day V, we once again tried to get access to the St. Peter’s Basilica, and this time we made it. The Basilica is a rather impressive building from the inside, but even more impressive from the inside. If you want a really magnificent view of Rome, I suggest that you climb the 400 plus stairs to the top of the dome. Hans Olav and I agreed that climbing the stairs was the most interesting things we’d done so far in Rome.

Back outside, on the Peter’s square, Hans Olav took paparazzi pictures of people with my 300mm Sigma lens, and, despite the fact that he had to max the ISO because of the light, some of the pictures looked like they turned out quite good.

After dinner we once again tried to find people drinking beer, but I’m a bit limited on space when I post using my mobile, so you’ll have to wait for Rome, Day V, Part II.