The last couple of nights we’ve been trying to find a place to drink a few beers and have some fun. First we tried in the area where we live, close to Stazione Termini and found virtually nothing. Then we turned our attention to Trastevere, lots of people there, and a lot of places to drink beer, but not that much fun. It looks like the Romans idea of having a good time is to eat icecream on a Piazza. When you’re two guys travelling, you’re looking for other things to do than that.

So, the next evening we went looking for a club called Alien, recommended both by our Lonely Planet guide book and a local guide book. We found the street, but on Alien. Bummer. We sat down at Cafe New Age close by and the people there told us that, like most clubs, Alien was closed in August. Excellent.

Continues in part III.