Rome, The Aftermath

I’m back in Oslo, and instead of boring you with the details of every one of the last days in Rome, I’ll just quickly sum up the whole trip.

Rome is not the place you want to visit in August if you’re anything else than a loving couple, a small family or a bus full of Japanese people. If you’re two guys travelling to do stuff and you don’t want to look at old buildings, sit on a chair and drink beer or stand at a Piazza and eat ice cream, find somewhere else to go. Virtually every night club is closed and a lot of Romans leave the city. We struggled long and hard to find a place to party, and on our quest we also met other people having a hard time finding the same. But, as I’ve said before - bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to Rome. It will be an excellent trip, indeed.

Actually, on Thursday night, after yet another adventure in Trastevere, we were so frustrated we checked if it was possible to re-schedule the flight home and move it from Sunday night to Friday morning. That way we would have a weekend in Oslo before work started again on Monday. Unfortunately, I’d bought the really cheap, non-refundable, tickets and we would have had to pay around three hundred Euros to get home, which was not even an option. So we banged our heads against the wall, and realized we had to stay as long as planned.

Finally, on Saturday night, the last night of our trip - naturally - things started to open again and we finally found a crowded place with a little more action than just beer drinking Romans. Unfortunately, most Italians don’t speak English, but we stumbled across two friendly German girls. The spirits were high (say no more, say no more) until some Italian - possibly - fucker decided to steal one of the girl’s camera and most of her money. Thank you, bloody moron!

And while we’re on the subject of girls: The Norwegian Female once again proves to be one of the best looking in the whole, wide world. There is a lot of Italian women that are almost good looking, but they don’t quite make it. Then there are few, very few in fact, Italian woman that are extremely good looking. In Norway there are a lot of good looking girls, and also a lot extremely good looking girls. I’m not quite sure what I want to express by writing this rambling paragraph, but I think the point is that Norwegian girls should be very pleased with the way they look - because a lot of them look gorgeous.


I took quite a few pictures on the trip, around eighty, and I had a look at the earlier tonight. Either I’m too critical of my own shots, or I’m not as good as I’d hoped, because most of it was below average. Hans Olav had taken some nice ones with the 300mm lens by the St. Peters Basilica, but because of the high ISO it was a lot of visual noise in the pictures.

Now I’m back to my normal work-sleep-work routine, but I think I’ll just have to cut down on the working hours or I’ll go bang in a wall pretty soon.


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