My planned exercise is going as good as I could hope. Since last Sunday I’ve logged four runs, that’s one every other day. The route I’m running is very short, only 2.5 kilometers, but for now it’s as far as I manage. Not surprisingly I haven’t seen any progress so far, but after a month of running I hope to reduce the time I use on the run or see a slight decrease in my heart rate. When I have completed 10 runs, it’s about time to start plotting the number into some graphs and n a couple of months time, I should probably find a longer route.

Next week I’m back on support duty, which I must admit I hate. I can’t run my usual route because I have to be close to my laptop and I have to bring the support phone with me. I guess I’ll be running in circles around the apartment building, not the most exciting route ever, but it’ll do.

If I’m able to keep running every other day for a month, I’ll award myself with one of the them Nike+ kits.