Saints Row

Saints Row When I start writing this it’s 11 days, 4 hours, 4 minutes and 42 seconds until the Grand Theft Auto IV trailer is released. It’s perhaps the most anticipated game of the year and time will tell if it’s able to live up to the hype.

When I came down with a fever a couple of weeks ago, I got Saints Row to entertain me through it. It’s, like the GTA series, a sandbox game. It gives you all the freedom you would normally expect when walking around in the real world, but without the hassle of having to go to jail if you accidently car jack someone.

At the start of the game you’re rescued from a trigger happy gang member by the 3rd Street Saints; another gang that is trying to take over the city of Stillwater from all the other criminals. The game is mission-based, spiced up with a lot of different activities you have to complete to get respect. More respect means that more missions become available for you to play. Activities range from recruiting hoes from competing pimps, to assassination and drug trafficking.

To call Saints Row a GTA clone wouldn’t be wrong, so I take the liberty to do so. Being a clone is usually not a good thing, but Saints Row does it in an excellent way. The wait for GTA IV probably couldn’t have been any better than this.

This was not meant to be a review, but it turned out to be one.


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