Same old, same old

I’ve been busy at work the last couple of days, can’t say I enjoy it that much. I worked all day today and probably have to burn a few hours tomorrow, too.

Living in this shared apartment is starting to annoy. If you clean the kitchen, it’ll look like a mess after half an hour. Don’t leave your dirty cups by the sink, do the freakin' dishes! But who am I to complain. Only a couple of more weeks now. The bank sent me the loan papers yesterday. Unfortunately, one pages was replaced by another applicant’s papers, so I have to get a new version from them. Make me wonder how professional this bank really is.

Tonight I saw the second edition of Loose Change (IMDB entry), a movie about 9/11 and who was or was not behind the attack. It raises a few interesting theories, and is certainly worth the watch. If I get the time a review will pop up soon.


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