It’s been a while since I’ve written about my running regime and the reason is that I’ve not been running at all lately. A few weeks before I left for my Australia/Canada vacation, I got a minor inflammation in my left leg probably caused by bad walking shoes. I usually only own one pair of walking shoes at the time and buy a new pair when the old one is completely worn out or they turn so bad my legs start to hurt.

Left to themselves things tend to go from bad to worse, so I decided to buy new shoes and stop running for a while. When my leg got better, it was time to go on my vacation and then I was way too busy doing nothing to run every other day. I actually did run for about 30 minutes during our last night in Montreal because the hotel we stayed in had exercise facilities with a thread mill. It felt really good to sweat a little again.

But now I’m back in the damn rat race and today I also started running again. It’s been snowing and the roads were extremely slippery. Not only did I slip on the snow, there were patched of ice that I didn’t really see in the dark, making running around out there outright dangerous.

Since the weather won’t get any better until February, or perhaps March with my luck, I have to start looking for alternatives. The best I’ve found so far is a fitness center not far from our apartment. I’m not sure if they have thread mills, but judging by what they charge they probably have thread mills of gold and supermodels washing your back in the shower.

Still it beats the price of a new apartment with space for a thread mill, so I’ll probably go have a look at the facilities later this week.