Yes, Saturday, but not the Saturday after this Friday. The beers I drank then suddenly turned into drinks, mostly GT and Gin Fizz. Starting with beers and then moving on to drinks has turned out to be the ultimate recipe for success. If I only drinks beer I get all drowsy, everything is going at half its normal speed and I usually don’t feel too good when I wake up the next day.

But doing the beers-to-drinks move a after two or three beers makes me a much happier panda. I get the same pleasant feeling of being drunk1, but I don’t feel like going to sleep under a table, everything moves at normal speed - or maybe even a little faster - and I feel pretty good the next day.

The challenge with this new drinking paradigm is that I know the names of very few drinks so my selection is somewhat limited. It’s mostly Gin and Tonic, Gin Fizz and Black and White Russians. A while back I downloaded the Drunktionary application for my iPhone to see if it was possible to find some new favourites. The application contains tons and tons of recipes for drinks, martinis, shots and even instructions for some drinking games. The problem is that so many of the drinks have names that don’t exactly want me to run to the bar to order one.

What about a Fag Juice? Or maybe a Big Titty Ho on a Motorcycle is your style? Hand Jobs and Blow Jobs are also available if you’ve got the dough. Personally I think I’ll stick the the GTs.

  1. Although I might sound like a drunk, I’m not. Honestly. ↩︎


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