Save the rain forest – shoot a beaver

I never came as far as the university today. At around a quarter past 6 in the morning I woke up to the screaming of a storm outside and decided that the sound of the rain splashing on my window was good enough reason for me to stay in bed for a couple of more hours. When I finally got up, things didn’t look much better, so I never actually went to my university today. “I’ll probably work just as well at home”, I though. Well, wrong again.

The photo session with Stine yesterday turned out to be a total disaster. Not that her flat burnt down or anything, but I only got a single good photo of her. I took fifty or so (good thing I’m not using ordinary film) half good ones before I was satisfied with the lights and colors, deleted the picture I’d taken, then took a new picture of her. And the battery in the camera went flat. Well, thank you very much indeed, Canon, for making a battery capacity indicator that goes from full to empty in less than ten second.

A new version of your favorite browser, Opera is available. 7.10 Beta 1 fixes a bunch of annoying bugs present in the previous 7.x releases and also adds a few new and exciting features. At the moment it’s not announced on the Opera front page, but you can find it if you have a look in the Opera forums. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend a Beta version to anyone but experienced users, but this is a must-have for everyone.

And now, for something completely different. Take a look at the picture below. And no, this is not an attempt to make anyone vomit again, I’m going to try to make a point about lousy advertisement.

Imogen Bailey

First of all, if this is an elephant then I’m a human sized fork. I also want an elephant for my next birthday and I’m sure as hell won’t abuse it. Does advertisement like this help? Will it make me care about elephants and “don’t support Thai elephant cruelty”. Most likely not. The only thing this advertisement did was make me aware of the fact that someone is beating the living crap out of elephants somewhere. But I will only remember it for as long as it takes me to see another add with a semi-nude woman on it. And by today’s standards, that won’t be long. If it had been a picture of a fucked up elephant on the other hand, the picture might have stuck to my brain.

Tonight I’m seeing Daredevil.


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