Saturday’s posting orgy totally emptied me creatively, so there was no entry for you yesterday. My best guess is that you all survived.

On Sunday me and Gine grabbed our bikes and went to Vålerenga, where my new apartment is located. The motivation for the trip was to scout the area and check what kind of services and facilities were available. As it turned out, I’ve got all I really need up there, and I’m downtown at work almost every of the week so if anything I can’t get done at Vålerenga, I can do it on my way home from work.

The neighborhood was awfully quiet and that suits me very well. That it was Sunday probably helped a lot, though, but I can’t imagine that noise will ever be a problem unless it turns out my close neighbors are all members of the same marching band. One of the minor concerns about the apartment has been the railway tracks that lie pretty close to the apartment building. Well, actually, the concern has not been the railway tracks per se (oh, look at that, I used a sophisticated expression in an everyday situation), but the trains that usually run on the railway tracks.

But I very much doubt that it will be a problem: A train passed at high speed when we were outside the apartment building, so there is little chance I will ever hear it when I’m inside.

Now I’ve started to check the online IKEA store for furniture. I need a few things, for instance a sofa. The best thing is probably that I know what I’m getting instead of having to decide in a packed warehouse on a Saturday.


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