We all have a bad day at work every now and then and today I had one of them and fucked up royally. It was a fuckup that ended up costing 328 cell phone users approximately 16000 Norwegian kroner, or roughly 2700 USD, pulled from their pre-paid accounts or added to their post-paid bill. It should not bother any of them too much, the pre-paid customers will get a refund shortly and the post-paid users will never see the expense on their bills. But I totally understand their frustration. Who like to be billed for something they didn’t buy or order? Not me.

The really annoying thing about this is that everyone got a text message - a premium MT to use the correct technical terms - when it happened, making it pretty obvious that something had gone amiss somewhere. And that something could have been avoided if I had been paying closer attention to some logs.

But if I look at the big picture, I think I can sum it up like this: My name is Vegard and I sometimes fuck up. Like the rest of you.