Settling in

So here I am, then. In Oslo. The capital of Norway. A ridiculously small city, compared to many other cities in the world, with a mere 500K citizens, or something like that. But in spite of that, it’s the largest city I’ve ever lived in, and possibly the largest I’ll ever live in - provided that I don’t leave the country to live somewhere else in the world, of course. To be honest, I’m rather excited to be here.

When I got to the apartment on Saturday, I was met by two very friendly girls. Therese is sharing the apartment with them, but they didn’t mind having someone else here, probably because one of them was moving out the day I came, and the other one is going away for most of the summer. And they also knew I was comming. One who didn’t know I was comming was the land lady, who lives in the apartment next door. Therese told me she was going to tell her about my arrival, but it looks like that never actually happened, and for a few short seconds I was a little worried that she’d throw me out. Luckily, everything worked out in my favor.

That one of the girls move out and the other one is mostly away for the summer means that I’ve got the whole place for myself, a thing that might normally be considered a good thing, if you like the space. But staying here will probably be boring and beyond. There is no broadband cable connection, no wireless access points - not even a phone line for my modem. In short: No Internet! Being used to a 24/7 cable connection, it’s like having a hand cut off! The only form of entertainment I have is the TV and a radio, but the one who is moving is taking the TV with her in a couple of weeks, which leaves me with the radio. That’s entertainment for you! But no sweat. That’ll just give me a good excuse to bug the people I know here a lot. Terje is not living far away from me, and he’s got a TV and an Internet connection. He can come to my place and listen to the radio if he wants to.

Having no Internet connection brings us to the concept of Flashback entries. This, for instance, is a Flashback entry. To get an idea of what it’s all about, I’ve written some information that you might want to read. It’s nothing complicated, it’s just a way to keep the past and the present separated.

Tomorrow (which is “today” when this is posted, yes, keep in mind that this is a Flashback entry) is my first day at my new job. I’m rather excited about that, too, and I’m not really nervous. That’s kind of weird, since I’m usually nervous when important things are about to happen. It might be that this is a task I think I can handle. I’ll probably be working a lot with WAP and WML, and with my experience with XML and XHTML I don’t think WML will be much of a hassle. I even had a look through the WML 1.3 specifications tonight.

Now, the bad thing about me not being nervous, is that when I am nervous, things usually go all right - or at least so-so and usually not that bad. What now, then, when I’m not nervous? Thinking about it makes me a little bit nervous. So I guess everything is all right, then.


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