Sexy Swedish Princess Single Again. All straight men rejoice.

Well, actually, I read about it a couple of days ago, so calling it breaking news might not be correct. But I forgot to mention it until now. Anyways, it looks like Swedish Princess Madeleine has officially dumped her boyfriend Erik Granath, on the grounds that, quote; “He is so passé.” Allrightythen. Either that, or her father didn’t want her super-model looking daughter date a drunken troublemaker. Why am I mentioning this? It’s just a bad excuse for posting pictures of the hottie. Oh, and there is a fair chance that I’ll be meeting her within a year or so. The all-time Casanova Tomas is going to Sweden to study in January (or maybe it was February, I’m not sure). There he’ll probably hook up with Ms. Beautiful, seduce her with the good ol’ Tomas-wibes and bring her back to Norway for me to stare at her.

And now, for something completely different: If you’re using the new Opera 7 Beta 1, you might notice that this site is now working like a charm. No strange hover-effects. Thanks to the bright mind of Tor-Erik and some other guy over at the MyOpera forums, a tiny error in the CSS was discovered and isolated. Looks like an ‘a’ had mysteriously disappeared from the style sheet, making an a:hover a :hover, thus affecting every tag. Bummer. I also went ahead and bought myself a copy of the browser, even though it’s just in Beta. But at $20, it’s still a great deal. Why I go out and buy a browser when there are a couple great ones available for free, I can tell you later.

It’s bloody cold outside today, and I have to go out there. Bah…