When I start in my new job in August I have to travel considerably further to get to and from work. Today I’m biking 2.5 kilometer each way, the new distance will be 6.6 or 5.9 kilometers one way depending on the route. The shortest one will take me through downtown Oslo, while the other will take me around central Oslo on one of the three ring roads. The longest route will probably be the quickest one, though, depending a little on the number of red lights I hit.

That I’ll be biking at least 11.8 kilometers each day, five days a week, has made me decide to stop running on the thread mill. The weekly 59 kilometers should be more than enough stamina work out for me. I very much welcome this change, because running on a thread mill has turned out to be one of the most boring things I do, right up there with shaving.

While we’re on the subject on working out, here’s a quick update: My left shoulder is acting up a little, so I didn’t go to the gym today even though I planned to. I’m using my shoulder in virtually every exercise I’m doing, crunch being the only one where the shoulder is not involved.

I’m considering taking the entire week off to give the shoulder some rest. Kind of like a summer vacation from the gym. It probably wouldn’t hurt.