Show me the money!

After I posted the mother of all entries on Friday, I decided to keep quiet yesterday, as it would probably take most of you a day or two to read Friday’s entry anyway. To all of you who actually read through the whole entry, I think you deserve a small “congratulations”. It’s not the entry that’s got enough comments, which is no surprise, but it’s the entry that has spawned the most outside-the-web feedback: A phone call, an SMS and an e-mail. Sounds interesting, eh? Oh well, it’s not as juicy as it sounds. And speaking of juicy, I guess some of you got a little disappointed when you realized that Friday’s entry was the juice entry I promised you earlier this week. Well, live’s a bleach and then you dye.

On Friday I got my hands on an HP/Compaq iPAQ H3660 and tested the NRK PDA pages on that. Of course, the version of Internet Explorer shipped with Windows CE didn’t display things like it was supposed to, but a little tweaking fixed the problem. AvantGo worked as expected, even in CE. During my play-time with the iPAQ, I was actually able to crash it rather severely, proving once again that Microsoft is able to crash anything. no matter how small. The only solution was to do a hard reset, which brought the iPAQ back it its cold turkey default factory settings, meaning that all that were currently stored in the device are gone. Oh, how practical.

Ola and Hege left on their road trip to Italy. Ola gave me the key to their apartment and asked me to check in now and then to see that the fishes hasn’t gone tits-up in their fish tank. No problem, of course I can do that. They’ve even got a TV. I’ve been without a TV for…three weeks or something like that now, I watched 10 minutes of the news when I was at Hans Olav’s place on Friday after work, and that’s all the TV I’ve watched since Anette took her TV with her when she moved out.

On Friday evening I met a bunch of Hans Olav’s friends. Some great people indeed, I hope I get to meet them at some later time, too. And on Saturday I went to Marianne’s birthday party with Terje. I also met some fine people there, too, so you might say that I’ve been silently fighting my way into my friend’s social circle this weekend.

The observant visitor might have noticed the new link in the menu. You can now buy (in)directly from my site! Pretty cool, eh? So, bring out that credit card and get yourself a high quality T-Shirt or Baby Doll T-Shirt. All the information you need is on the shopping page.


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