Silent Saturday

Ah, yeah.

Project Stop Waking Up At Five In The Morning was completed today when I finally got curtains for all the windows in my bedroom. I’ve got three large windows and without proper curtains it was a bit hard not to wake up to early when the sun raised. It’s not pitch black, but it’s dark enough. I’m already looking forward to going to bed, actually. The only problem now is that it’s about 28C/82F in my bedroom and I can’t have the windows open because I’ve got a road with rather heavy traffic just outside. That I live on the fourth floor really doesn’t help much when the busses accelerate out of the intersection when they get the green light.

Yesterday I went to Katrine’s place and had a couple of beers with her and her sister, Liv Marie. We ended up going to some Latino place downtown, I think it was Palicio Latino. The girls wanted to dance Salsa, Reggaeton or whatever, and I tagged along. Thankfully we ended up on the R&B floor because I really, really can’t dance Salsa. Or Reggaeton. Or anything else for that matter. I think I was the only white guy on the dance floor most of the time, On two occasions Katrine had to use me as her “sorry you can’t grab my ass while we’re dancing because that’s my boyfriend over there”-excuse to keep some of the more eager Latino Lovers at an arms length.

But that’s OK, honey, I’m not the jealous type. You can dance with whoever you like, I trust that you don’t mess around.

Yesterday’s most precious comment came after Katrine had been dancing with one of the lovers a couple of times: “That guy has a boner, damn it!”.

Today I’ve done nothing productive. Absolutely nothing. Except for the curtains. I’ve started reading Preacher again. I haven’t bought the last book yet, and thought that I should read through the whole series one more time before I bought it for the grand finale. So I’ve been laying on my bed most of the day, slipping in and out of sleep while reading. Yesterday night I slept for about four hours, so I’ve got some catching up to do. Tomorrow I plan to do exactly the same, but probably move to the park if it’s still sunny.

Add a chick to this setting and it would be just excellent.

It’s quite tense in the UK after the London bombings. Right now they’re evacuating parts of Birmingham centre. Analysts say it is only a question of time before we’ll see an attack on Norway, too. Since Norwegians are not mentally prepared for something like that, I think we’ll witness a lot of rather irrational events occurring after such an attack.


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