On the first Saturday of March, last Saturday that is, I had a little get together at my humble apartment. Naturally, I had to clean the apartment before people showed up. Even though I like to keep a clean house, it really didn’t hurt to get everything to sparkle a little extra. In between finished the living room and start work on the kitchen, I decided to watch a little TV. Cleaning might be a necessary chore, but damn it’s boring. So I needed a break.

Half way through an episode of South Park, I suddenly heard a lot of sirens that came closer and closer and then stopped not too far from my apartment building. I got up and looked out the living room window and saw this:

The fire brigade pulled two people out of the burning apartment, rescued two or three others from other apartments in the building with two ladder trucks. For me it looked like the firefighters were in total control, the time that passed between the second and third picture above was maybe 2 minutes and then the fire was more or less put out. My heroes! Seriously.

So, there you have it. Bad idea: Set fire to your apartment. Good idea: Don’t set fire to your apartment.