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You might have noticed that the site has started to become a little slow lately. This is because my host, Segment Publishing is going through the same process that every small company goes through when they reach a certain size and they don’t scale at the same speed as they grow. Lately they’ve had a sudden influx of new costumers, which has resulted in things slowing down, particularly during peak hours.

This has resulted in the loading time of my site to often exceed twenty seconds, something which is not good at all. To deal with the problem, they are now moving their services onto separate clusters of dedicated servers. Hopefully, this will make everything go back to normal, so I can once again recommend Segment Publishing to others.

I’m about to get The Girlfriend hooked on Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The scary thing is that it looks like she’ll do much better than I do. I’ve also been on the lookout for a good wheel for the Xbox, problem is that it’s no proper force feedback available on the Xbox. If I’d know that, I would probably have bought a PlayStation 2 instead. Oh, well…

By Vegard Skjefstad

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I’ve been considering that one, but I don’t think you’ll get true Force Feedback on the Xbox no matter what. It has something to do with the lack of good signaling from the box to the wheel. Or at least so I’ve been told.

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