Six Weeks (and Then Some) in

There’s no doubt. Our lives have been turned upside down: Vilde is the new Queen of the Castle. Being a father is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be at this point: Everything from nerve wrecking to fantastic. Nerve wrecking when she projectile vomited an entire meal for the first time, fantastic when she smiled and made a happy sound for the first time. There are a lot of “first times”. Still, there’s nothing that can really prepare you for something like this, and it’s massive learn-as-you-go experience.

Here’s a small selection of what Vilde has taught us in the first six-ish weeks. All of these are probably no-brainers for people who are already parents and not very interesting reading for the rest of you, but I had a goal to pump out this entry in June, and I’m sticking to my plan.

And this is how life is these days. I’m loving it!

  1. This is the classic engineer’s approach to parenting. ↩︎


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