I guess only five entries in a month would be a real pity, so I’ll now be doing my best to bump the number to six (mostly because I was able to leave work at five today).

So, yeah, I met The Girlfriend’s mother and sister for the first time this weekend. Both nice people and I think I managed to make an all right impression; her mother didn’t chase me out of the house armed with any heavy household appliances and The Girlfriend is still The Girlfriend. I had a good time, slept as a baby and we even had the time to take a walk together, something we don’t do very often. Visiting a record store slash game store in The Girlfriend’s home town on Saturday I stumbled upon the holy grail of real time strategy gaming:

Command & Conquer: The First Decade. It’s a DVD packed with not one, not two, not three, but twelve C&C games - to the price of a single game. You get all C&C games from the original gem all the way up to the Generals expansion pack, Zero Hour. I’ve now started at the original game and I’m hoping to complete the Zero Hour expansion pack some time before 2010. So much entertainment in such a small package. If you’re a C&C fan this is your definition of the expression “must-have”.

Most of the snow had been removed from the streets yesterday evening, and walking around wasn’t a hassle anymore. Until last night, when, boom, almost fifteen centimetres of snow fell down from the sky, it’s still snowing and a bit windy, too. Exactly the way it’s supposed to be during winter.

There is something weird with the Moblog these days. First I thought there was something wrong with the operator’s network, that they’d blocked file upload through web forms, but now I suspect that there’s something wrong with my phone since I was able to upload a test with another phone on the same network earlier today. More on that later.


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