Yesterday I went to Frognerparken and took a few good pictures of a clown making balloon toys for kids and a gang of amateur skater kids. Unfortunately, there is some bug in the Canon EOS software that made me convert the wrong pictures from RAW to JPEG. I didn’t notice this before I had wiped the memory card. A little late, in other words. Lesson learned: If you’re using Canon EOSViewerUtillity 1.0 you should have a look at what pictures were really converted before you wipe the memory card.

But no worries, I’m sure I’ll have the chance to take pictures of clowns and skaters some other time.

Not much happened today, I was at work from eight in the morning to around seven in the evening. Then I had dinner. What an eventful day! And now, here’s what you came here for:

Yet Another Cali es Cali Babe