Slightly red

On Sunday I spent a couple of hours in Frognerparken as planned. I came rather early, at around 11:30, so it wasn’t that many people there. Spending time alone in a park at a Sunday might sound unbelievably boring, and it got a bit boring at times, but my friends Radiohead and my copy of The Complete FreeBSD helped me through it. I have to admit that reading a book like this in a public park is pretty damn nerdish, but considering the fact that I am a nerd, and that it’s pretty much the only book I have right now, it was just how things turned out. Who cares anyway. During these two hours in the park I realized something I really knew all along: Just laying in a park to get a tan is really not my thing. I have to do something. Throw a Frisbee, kick a football - whatever. I just can’t lie there like a piece of dead meat. So, the next time I have to bring someone with me. Who wants to join?

Walking home from Frognerparken I took an alternative route, probably the fastest I can find, but it was rather convoluted, so on my way I concluded that it was a good thing I didn’t have to explain the way back to the park to anyone. And of course, a couple of minutes before I’m back home, I’m stopped by two young women who asks for directions to Frognerparken. I told them to go down the road and head right. At least it’s the general direction, and hopefully they’re not on their merry way to Sweden now.

After my trip to the park I went to the office to work some. After a while I realized that it was a real dumb idea to go there on a Sunday, since I got pretty tired of it rather fast. So I went home and watched a few episodes of the second season of the 24 series instead. And since I have all the episodes recorded, I can fast-forward whenever that girl Kim is doing something. Why the screenwriters have made her so incredibly stupid, I don’t know, but whenever she does something I just want to kick her. She’s good looking, all right, but she’s also stupid as a brick. Fast-forward to action, please.

I’ve got a couple of complaints lately from people who have been within an arm’s reach of me and still haven’t been mentioned here. First it was Camilla when she visited me last weekend, then it was Tor Olav and Hallvard, who stopped by last week. Camilla was eventually mentioned in an entry, sadly I forgot to mention Tor Olav and Hallvard. But now it’s done, and Tor Olav is probably happy again.

To Ola and Hege, if you’re reading this. I had planned to mention you, too, but the post just got too big, so I’ll have to postpone it to tomorrow.

I’m rubbing it in, I know. Just ruuubbing it in.


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