Slottsfjell Festival.

Yes, that is the official way to write it.

I picked up a festival leaflet yesterday night, so I’ve got some more information about the lineup now. Here are some of the more or less known artists you can experience this year:

Kings of Convenience, Serena Maneesh, Snook, The Gossip, The Organ, Raga Rockers, Seigmen, Kano, Satyricon and Sliver. Plus some I’ve never heard of.

Imogen Heap have bailed because it’s obviously more important to promote her new album in the US of A than to play at a small, Norwegian festival. Go figure.

I’m not sure what the deal is between these Brits and I. A couple of weeks ago I was supposed to watch living snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan play 9-ball in Oslo, but he didn’t show up because of an ear infection. The more popular theory, presented by Hallvard, is that he was so loaded on you-know-what that they didn’t allow him to cross the boarder.

And now Imogen. What’s the matter, people?!

UPDATE: On top of this, Friday’s headliner, Kings of Convenience, had to cancel because of food poisoning and I have, not surprisingly, forgotten to charge the camera battery. Jeez…

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  1. i considered going for a while just because imogen heap was coming (i find her new album very good) but it seems i dont have to regrett not going now.

  2. I think quite a few people came for King of Convenience on Friday. Going to a festival too see only one performance is probably not the best of ideas.