So, I received another mail from Dell today. This time, they wanted to tell me that they had sent my order to the guys who are assembling the PC, but they are waiting for some hardware to arrive before they can start the job. Estimated time of delivery, the 30th of July. Hey, fuckers! I ordered the god damn computer on the 1st of July! You told me I would get it in 7 to 10 working days! Not one bloody month!

Morale of the story: If you’re in a hurry, don’t order from Dell. Just don’t.

Today I was supposed to read for my next exam and to design a site and code some PHP for someone. But, whops, looks like I spent the whole day punching code for my own site instead. OK, I did browse through some of the ASP code for the other site. It’s in ASP, I’m going to convert it to PHP. And I helped the old man assemble some garage doors.

Exactly what I coded I wont tell you yet, It’ll probably be up and running on Monday. I would have had it ready tomorrow, but I’m going with Hallvard to party with Terje. Terje and David, three guys I studied with when I was living in Grimstad. If you’re in Skien this weekend, you might just notice us. Stay tuned.

Most of yesterday (when I wasn’t reading for the exam) I spent with Klas, Tomas, Christine (one of the Brazil girls) and Suong, I girl I know from high school. We went for a swim, which turned out to be a wading instead because of the water temperature. THen we had a BBQ and generally just a great time.