smash-a-dell part III

I checked my order status over at the Dell site and it looks like they have pushed the delivery date for my laptop even further. Now it’s 05.08. Bah…

I’m planning to recode the consumer administration area to make it a little easier for me to add new categories and stuff later. You won’t notice the difference, but I will. And maybe Tor Olav (not linking to his site because it’s dead as a rat) will write a review of his new Siemens cellular.

I was about to start the coding session this afternoon, but to keep my social life alive and breathing, I joined Hallvard, Tor Olav, Thong, Kjetil and Ola for a game of Trivial Pursuit instead. A game that Hallvard and yours truly won with ease.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad