Soooo, the smash-a-dell story has been updated:

Thursday August 8th 2002, 08:00-08:30 (39 days after ordering) According to the tracking service of the cargo-company, the packages hasn’t moved at all, so I call them to check if the packages has been re-routed with a new waybill number. Unfortunately, they have not and they are still stuck at my old address. They have not heard a thing from Dell and are still waiting for me to come pick up the laptop. I call Dell Costumer Service - again - and tell them what’s up. It turns out that the fax has not been sent to the local branch of the cargo-company, but to their main office. After a while, I’m able to convince the girl in the other end that it might be a good idea to fax it directly to the people sitting on my packages. She says she will do that instead.