Smokin’ Aces

Smokin Trailer
Sometimes you see a movie trailer and you think to yourself “yay, what a movie, I got to see this one, I’m prepared to sell my left foot for a ticket!” The trailer to Smokin' Aces had that effect on me: cars, guns, chicks, explosions. Even that guy from “Two Guys, a Girl and Pizza Place”. He’s funny.

But if I’d actually sold my left foot for the ticket, I would have felt pretty damned screwed when leaving the theater. Hell, I paid cash for the ticket and felt screwed even then. Because this is not a good movie.

The main problem is that it some times tries to be a serious movie, not the fast-paced, brain dead action flick it’s supposed to be. C’mon, blow up some more stuff! So save your money, watch trailer three or four times and you’ll get all the entertainment you would have gotten from seeing the entire movie.

Smokin' Aces gets half a star for the effort and one for the trailer.


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