Smooth criminal

I feel like a criminal. Every Saturday my local grocery store has a security guy hanging around to control the masses and to prevent senior citizens from filling their trolley bags with goods. And every Saturday, the mall cop on duty starts shadowing me. It’s either my criminal looks, or that I’m bringing a rucksack to the store so I don’t have to buy tons of plastic bags to get the groceries back home. Have you ever tried to get things from the shelves down into a closed rucksack without being noticed? I’ve never tried, but I guess it’s rather hard.

Maybe I’m just paranoid. Yesterday I decided to check if it was my paranoia kicking in, or if the wannabe cop was really following me. So I enter the store, pass him, head for where they have milk, beer and other goodies, then turn around and walk back again. And there he is. Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do? I guess I surprised him a little, he stops, looks at the wall and starts scratching the back of his head frantically. They probably don’t learn how to behave when they’re busted at the mall cop academy.

And if the fact that I look like a criminal and probably have to live with that for the rest of my life wasn’t enough, it now seems that I’m able to turn off women that I haven’t even met. Have a quick glance in the guestbook and find the 01.03.2003 entry from ‘why’ (at the time of writing it’s the third entry from the top). Hooah…

Yesterday evening I spent looking for work. I’ve only got three months and a few days left before I’m a full-blown Master of Computer Science. That means I have to get a job and earn some money. A scary thought. Getting a job means having a resumé ready for my potential employers, so I used an hour or so yesterday to update my existing Curriculum Vitae and translate it to English. Just in case I was lucky and came across any work overseas. You might also have noticed the new link in the menu. If you’re interested, but I doubt you are, you can click on the link and browse my Curriculum Vitae online.

I also found a job I’m going to apply for, a job I think I’m qualified for but that I’ll probably not get because it’s most likely a dozen even better qualified applicants and the fact that I can’t start until after I’m done at the university.


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