Last Sunday Snoop Dogg was busted after a concert in Sweden. On their way from The Globe Arena to the after-party Snoop and his entourage were pulled over by the cops, Mr. Dogg was taken to Stockholm central booking, had to provide a urine sample, was charged with possession of marijuana, had to pay a hefty fine and was released.

He was described by the police as “obviously under the influence of drugs”.

The day after he and P. Diddy held another concert in Oslo and after the concert some aspiring wanna-be VJ managed to get a small private session with Snoop Dogg in his hotel room. She took this picture:

Snoop Dogg Wasted

I’m not sure about you, but to me this gangsta looks a little tired. Later, she was interview by a newspaper:

We were talking, eating chocolate and drinking champagne. I hinted that maybe I could film a little more, but he said he was tired, and wondered if I could massage his back instead. So I massaged his back. He was just nice, it wasn’t unpleasant or anything like that.

I’ll write what you’re all probably thinking: Riiight…