So far, so good

Note: I wrote this entry yesterday, but the server was down, so I was unable to post it.

My second day of being a better person went smoothly, and I was actually able to get some work done. When I woke up to the terrible sound of my alarm clock today I cursed the university and everything about it, but after a hot shower everything got a little better. Tonight I’ll probably sleep like a baby.

Walking to the store to buy some groceries this evening, I came down with a serious case of Missing Stine. That has happened a couple of times since we broke up, normally I’ve just tried to remember the reasons why I dumped her, and the feeling as disappeared - but this time, I couldn’t remember them. It’s probably because it’s now close to two months since we broke up and my attention span is about as good as a goldfish'. I remembered all the nice things about her, and I guess that’s a good thing in a way. But even though I couldn’t remember the reasons why we broke up, I guess there have to be some, since I broke up with her twice. Enough about that.

Yesterday I added a new feature. It’s a small rant I wrote in the year 2000 about an old Asian man and his bike. It might not be very entertaining, but the features section looked a little slim, so I decided I had to fill it up with something.


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