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It looks like I’ve finally been able to sort out the DNS/Serve The World problems. Today I managed to get in touch with them, and they updated the DNS-information and gave me login information so I can do it myself in the future. Hopefully, you’ll get here without the redirect from the old to the new server in a couple of days.

I almost bought a completely new domain today, too. I got the idea from the third comment in yesterday’s entry. How cool wouldn’t it be to own the domain What about Almost as good as – The problem with these domains is that, yes, they are cool, in a nerdy way – but how can I use them? My current domain is not that cool, but it’s my name, a fact that makes it very useful. Anyway, I never bought the Italian domain, so feel free to do it yourself and sell it to some game show for millions of dollars.

Stine is coming to Oslo tomorrow, so don’t expect any long updates until she leaves. A good feeling in my stomach tells me I’m looking forward to her visit. On Friday we’re seeing The Day After Tomorrow, a movie I’ve already been pimping on several occasions. I hope we like it – I know I will like the special effects.

On Saturday we’re going to Hege‘s birthday party. I’m not sure if I’m bringing a camera, instead I think I’ll take my new cellular with me to put the camera in it to a real test. Hallvard is also coming down from Trondheim.

Good stuff.

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  1. three exams down, three to go. I’m having my last one tuesday night and that is the most fun exam. It’s the Divemaster exam and if I pass it I will be qualified to work at divecenters around the world. and I just might do that.

  2. today i went and saw The Day After Tomorrow.
    and as expected the effects were massive! but i wonder wheter they spent to much money on actually flooding the US, cos they obviously couldn’t afford decent actors.
    can anyone confirm my suspisions??? has the water level in the USA increased latley??? ;o)

  3. hi! long time no see… wazzuuup? i officially have a summerholiday now, for almost three months. and i don’t have a job.. ah well, i’ll live. oh, yes, i’ve added westerli to my name, so my full name is now camilla jin westerli berg.

    and another thing for all you exams-crammers; i didn’t have any! muhaha ;) good night

  4. I hear some rumors about setting fire to something while BarBQ resulting in a visit from both firefighters and police. could you please sort this out vegard?