Some glitches fixed, some cosmetic changes and some fun

The newsfeed had a bad tendency to go a little nuts when errors occured in the RDF files collected from the publisher. This has not been fixed, since it’s a little hard for me to fix external feeds, but the error message(s) generated by the parser is (are) a little easier to understand.

I also made some cosmetic changes to the author section. Added icons for the messenger services for easier recognition. I’m planning to add a weather forecast thingy with the Trondheim weather.

Not much happening these days. My classes at the university begin again on Tuesday, since I have no classes on Monday this semester. So this year I can party on Sundays, too.

If you haven’t seen it already, have a look here for the ultimate SPAM-showdown - Bernard Shifman Is A Moron Spammer. Yep…


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