Yesterday night the six of us gathered in the darkest of the warehouses at the docks. We all knew the secret knock and the even more secret handshake. None of us knew each other, but we were all there for the same reason. After having put on our ceremonial robes, drawn the ancient hieroglyphs on the warehouse floor and clubbed the baby seal to death, we sat down, joined hands and started chanting.

“Retire, retire, retire, retire…”

Long forgotten demons awoke from their deep sleep and started gathering outside Shanghai, China.

And in today’s Formula 1 race on the Sinopec race track, Lewis Hamilton managed - in a surprisingly amateurish move - to drive off the track and get stuck in the gravel pit while driving into the pits, thus forcing him to retire from the race.

Thank you, demons! There is only one race left this season and three drivers are theoretically able to win the championship. The stage is set for a very exciting race in Brazil in two weeks time.