A couple of days ago, I bought a nice set of pants on sale. Then, when I was about to throw them in the washing machine, I discovered something I wish I had discovered before I bought them: The pants didn’t like water, so I could wash it - dry cleaning only. Dry cleaning them will probably cost about as much as I paid for getting them legally out of the store. Usually, I don’t even buy hand-washing only clothes, because I’m too lazy to wash anything by hand, except myself. For sale: Nice pants, used once. Low price.

It looks like I’m starting to get the hang of FreeBSD. Earlier today, I managed to get sshd to behave properly, so I could remove the monitor and keyboard from the box. Just now, I was able to configure Apache to listen to IPv4 instead of IPv6, which I was unable to connect to. The next task is to get PHP installed, and I’ll have a full-blown dev server. Goodie.