Some tiny updates.

As you might notice (or maybe you don’t), I made an itty-bitty change to the CSS to make it a little easier to make out the entry-headings from the actual entries. I’m also currently working on a review of the spanking new Winamp 3.0.

In other news I should also mention that I actually bought my first piece of software today! So far I’ve only (almost) been using freeware or licensed software from my university, like for instance TextPad, which I’m using to code this site. Pretty neat software. But now I decided to buy my browser of choice, Opera. With the low campaign price of $9.99 for a student license, it was just so good I couldn’t resist. And these guys deserve their money for making such a great browser. Yes, it has its flaws, it can be improved, but that’s the way it is with every piece of software.

Tomas called me today and wanted me to come drink some beer. Unfortunately, beer is not on my to-do list these days. Exam, exam, exam! Bah…