Some updates

Played some basketball today, and what I’ve always known was confirmed - I suck in basketball. But it’s fun and someone once tried to convince me that if it’s fun, it doesn’t matter if you suck.

I’ve been home for a few days now, and I’m starting to get into a good rythm - up at 10 and in bed when I feel like it. I was hoping to get some freelance programming work this summer, but my employer failed to phone me about a potential project before he left for Venezia - which sucks ass. I know what I’m going to do if there’s a green light on the project, so I could just start, but if the project has been put on ice, I won’t get payed for the work I do… which is bad. I might do it anyway - good to learn something new, I guess…

And I saw Traffic yesterday - good movie, higly recommended. I give it a 5 out of 6 score. And if there are still copies left, buy the latest Matthew Good Band EP now!


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It looks like you're using Google's Chrome browser, which records everything you do on the internet. Personally identifiable and sensitive information about you is then sold to the highest bidder, making you a part of surveillance capitalism.

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