Can I wipe this stupid grin off my face? Can I? Can I? No, I can’t!

Surprise, surprise! It actually looks like someone is reading my posts. Maria (read the large post below to get up-to-date) contacted me yesterday to say that she didn’t think I was some kind of fruitcake because of the stuff I had written. Someone had read the post and told her about it. I truly wonder who that was, ‘cause she wouldn’t tell (naturally). And you’re probably starting to wonder what the hell I had written - I might put it online again when I get the new design up and running.

Tonight I’m either going to see A Knight’s Tale, or I’m going to work on the design. At least I won’t be doing anything serious - which is the way I prefer it to be.

Well, I’m off to the gym. See you around, whoever you are!