Someone Overhead Them Saying ‘Coup, Coup’

The last two days I’ve been totally exhausted when I’ve arrived at home from work. You wouldn’t think I could be since I’m just sitting on my ass all day, but I still am.

After looking through Apple’s presentation of the upcoming version of OS X, Leopard, I can’t help thinking that both Apple and Microsoft are running out of ideas and excuses to release new versions of their operating system. It looks to me like every handy feature has been implemented already, now it’s mostly just bug fixes and more eye candy with a big price tag on.

Take for instance widgets, or “gadgets” as they are called in Microsoft-land. What a load of crap. How many CPU load monitors and site-specific RSS readers do we really need? Leopard even comes with a widget creator that will enable Joe Sixpack to create his very own CPU load monitors and site-specific RSS readers - and, boy, are we looking forward to that.

But truth be told, I am using a very limited collection of widgets myself. After browsing through more or less the entire widget collection at Apples site, I was able to find four I could use:

If you’ve been watching the news today you might have noticed the coup in Thailand. Reading the eyewitness reports over at the BBC gives you sort on a feeling what it’s like to be in the middle of it. It seems like the whole coup thing passed by pretty quietly though. Overthrowing the PM while he was in New York probably was good timing. Also, from what I hear people don’t like him a lot so they probably won’t stand up for him either. The question now is wether or not the guys who are taking over are any better.

Time will tell. Myself, I’m rather improvident, so it’s hard for me to tell. I’m brushing up my vocabulary.


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