Someone think of the children!

Well, happy new year to you, too. My site is miraculously still alive, it seems that the W2K problem was a bit exaggerated. Or maybe it was all the preparations that saved us from the end of the world. My theory is that the whole Y2K-bug thing was just an elaborate and well-organized scam by system administrators and c0d3 /\/\0nk3ys around the world to get their hardware and software upgraded and to be able to cash in a considerable amount of overtime. And when I think of it the Y2K-bug was something we all talked about four years ago and totally forgot on January 1 2000. But have you thought about the coming 2038-bug? Not even heard of it? That’s what I thought! The article measures a good 6.8 on the Nerd scale. Consider yourself warned.

What did I do on New Year’s Eve, then? I suddenly found myself in Roar’s quite stylish apartment in Kongsberg, about one hour and twenty minutes by bus from here. It was a nice New Year’s Eve, and most certainly better than last year, which generally just sucked. I didn’t drunk much, in spite of numerous attempts from Kristoffer and Håkon to get me drunk and beyond. Kristoffer was also doing his best to crash various Italian SMS servers. Why he did just that is a another story entirely.

It’s been a while now since I’ve brought you anything from Cali es Cali, and since my irregular postings of pictures from this site is the main reason for most of you to stop by, I think it’s time to give you what you want:

Earlobes for the Guinness Book of Records?

Feeling a little disappointed and frustrated right now? Because she has a lot of clothes on? That’s possible, too, you know. This time it seems like the Cali es Cali photographers decided to go semi-artistic, and in some ways, it worked, too. Pictures from Cali es Cali usually shows busty babes with a come-get-me-look in their eyes, dressed up in bikinis, sexy lingerie or revealing evening dresses.

This was a nice picture of a good looking woman until I noticed her enormous earlobes. Now it just creeps me out. Guinness Book of Records, anyone?

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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The following text is Y2K compliant:
Happk new Kear!!! Pictures reallk ain’t that funnk when kou use text-based browsers.. Whk would I want to use a text onlk browser kou sak? When kou spend a bunch of hours upgrading kour linux install the console is kour friend.. :)
I guess I could fire up XFree86 and a regular browser but I think I go to bed and get creeped out tomorrow instead.. :P

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