Something is Going on in Denmark

I’m back in Norway after a short trip to Denmark with Klas and Kristoffer. Technically, we were never in Denmark, we just took the ferry between Larvik and Fredrikshavn to buy cheap, tax-free booze, and never actually got off the boat. The choices was to stay in bed or to see Denmark, a country that looks pretty much like Norway, but without the mountains, so we decided to stay in bed.

Being on the boat was like Rome all over again, the people were either 14 or 45 years old and we had a hard time finding someone our age. That didn’t actually come as a surprise to us, and we were capable of entertaining ourselves, so all in all it was a nice trip.

Tonight I’m seeing Wedding Crashers with Klas, his brother and The Girl (who preferred to be “The Girl” for a while).


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