I bought Disturbed’s album The Sickness for the 52 albums project today. I was pretty sure I’d heard something with these guys before, I and I was right. They’ve had a few songs rotating on radio.wazee. So far it seems like I’ve bought another not-so-good album. All the songs sound mostly the same and the vocals is depressingly monotonous. Maybe that’s the whole point, these guys seem rather angry and depressed. A review-like entry might appear some time next week. Or I might just tell you that the album is crap in another entry.

Yesterday night I watched another couple of episodes of South Park. Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker can be described as no less than fucking crazy. We have to praise ourselves lucky that they’ve channeled their madness into a kick ass cartoon instead of going from cubicle to cubicle blowing the head of their co-workers.

I also watched a couple of movies with Ola and Hege: Narc and National Security. Narc was good, but National Security was some of the worst crap I’ve seen in a long time. It almost worse than Austin Powers in Goldmember. And that says a lot, I think. Martin Lawrence, please shut up.