Sony BMG sent me an automated answer within one day of my enquiry, which is acceptable, I guess. It’s possible to download an update for the DRM software that allows you to remove rootkit based DRM content protection software and replace it with a non-rootkit DRM technology that is compatible with “all current security protocols”. Uninstalling the software is another matter, you’ll have to contact Sony BMG again through another web form to get instructions on how to uninstall it. The e-mail doesn’t answer my two questions, but it ends with “Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance”.

Sure, be my guest.

Over the last couple of months a lot of comment SPAM has been sent to the site. I’ve been able to block some of the spammers out by banning IPs, but today I decided to ban an entire ISP. All of the SPAM has come from computers connected to 013 Barak so now I’ve banned every 013 subscriber. Read my message to the poor suckers.