Sort of a protest song

In these times of war, a few artists have decided to use their popularity and influence (?) to voice their opinion about the everything that’s going on the world. This has resulted in a lot of good music. System of A Down has released a very good video, while Beastie Boys has released a single called ‘A World Gone Mad’ that you can download for free from their website. Zack De La Rocha and DJ Shadow have also released a single called ‘March of Death’. That one can also be downloaded for free. Another band that’s not very happy about the current state of things is REM. You can’t download their single, but you can listen to it, so it’s better than nothing.

I’ve done a few simple changes to the pictures section. Kristoffer felt that it was more natural to have the categories sorted in chronological order, which was a good idea, so I did that. Almost. Because of the order the categories were added to the database, everything added before the site was redesigned early January this year is a bit out of order. But everything added after the redesign, that’re the two topmost categories, are in their correct order. I also added a little feature that displays the most recently rated and commented pictures. Right now it’s the same picture, so I guess I might want to display the picture only once if it’s the same picture. Maybe I’ll fix it later, it’s not that important.

Soon I’m off to sit in a small office and look at people showing me their membership passes. Oh, joy.

Yesterday evening I did something I was pretty sure I was never going to do, but a few unexpected things have happened lately, so I did it anyway. Maybe I’ll even tell you about it one day.


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The Contra Chrome comic explains why this is bad, and why you should use another browser.