South and Back Again

Last weekend me and Anniken joined two of her friends and their boyfriends and met at a cabin in Grimstad. I lived there (not in the cabin, but in the city) for three years while studying to get my Bachelor’s degree in computer science. A small, nice town littered with students and local heroes looking for students to beat up.

Going back was nice. Even though there are now 9 years since I left, it mostly looked the same. The pub/night club where we used to hang out every now and then had been demolished because the owners wanted to build a hotel. Unfortunately, they’d forgotten all about getting the right permits for building a hotel and when they finally applied they didn’t get them. They used to have a night club, now they have parking space.

Even though the weather changed rapidly during the weekend (sounds familiar), we got to experience Grimstad at its finest - sunny summer in the South of Norway. I went home to work every summer when I studied and left the city when the really nice weather and the tourists came. But this time I even got to go out on a boat! With a life jacket, of course. We also went to Cafe Galleri where they served sub-par drinks but played some nice music. We even met Stian and I stumbled across Guro, who I lived with in a shared apartment for a year or so. Unfortunately, there was no time to hang around and chat. Gotta be moving, you know. Next time!

The rest of the weekend we spent drinking beer and Akvavit, playing Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit, and me and the missus totally rocked in both games. Fearing that no one would believe that I was able to beat anyone in Yahtzee, I brought proof with me home: The results are hanging in the kitchen, feel free to come over to gaze at my unreal accomplishment.

I was thinking about post some pictures from the trip, but just now realized that Anniken took our camera with her to Nesodden yesterday. Maybe later, then.

Now for something not even closely related to traveling: I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, and you probably haven’t, but I’ve added a Facebook Like-button to every page (not blog entry), for instance the one-liners. Since I like visitors, why not click on it and promote the one-liners on Facebook? With half a billion people on Facebook right now, it’s bound to attract some new visitors. That’s right, I have no shame.

What, don’t have a Facebook account, you say? What’s the matter, don’t you enjoy social pornography?


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