SPAM for President!

Damn, yet another potentially good job has slipped my fingers. And once again they didn’t want me because I didn’t have enough experience. The story of my life, it seems. How, then, am I supposed to get experience when I hardly have a job? OK, so I’ve got a job. And I’m happy about that. Stop complaining already!

You probably all receive a butt load of SPAM in your mailbox every day. It’s an ever growing problem, and the only reason I cope with it is because I’ve got a well-trained version of POPFile running in the background. Since April 8 2003, I’ve received 8,996 e-mails on my two mail accounts. 5,342 of these were SPAM. That’s almost 60%. Lately I’ve also been exposed to another form of SPAM: Reference log spamming. Short story follows.

Going through the logs generated by Webalizer I discovered that I’d had four hits from the URL Interesting, considering that this is the Al Sharpton For President site. I seriously doubt that Al has linked to my site from his. So he has a bot dumping reference SPAM in logs. Nice! You’re not getting my vote, man! If I could’ve voted, that is.

I’m heading out for a few beers with Terje now, and I’d like to end this post with a very sexist and offending, still hysterically fun quote found in Freon‘s cam blog-thingy. Which is gone now. Or maybe it wasn’t even over at Freon’s I saw it:

Nothing I hate worse on a chick than a flat, square ass. I’d still fuck her tho – pussy is pussy. I just wouldn’t like it as much.

Good night.

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  1. DISCLAIMER: I’m not the one responsible for the links in Ian’s comments opening in new windows. That little brat did it himself! Shame on him!

    They also do that 1st-comment thing on sites like DeviantART. And probably a million others.

  2. Thanks for the explanation ian :-) hehe i think i probably have to read it a couple of times before i totally get it… but it makes things much clearer…

    Cheers…(a VB cheers) :p

  3. oh, come on, vegard! it’s so you don’t lose your place here! the last thing i do when i click on a link here is to actually leave :)

    toro: glad to have helped in some way, though i will point out that i’m not a big fan of victoria bitter. in fact, i’ve got a slight reputation for drinking imported beers… :P

  4. I just try to give the people what they want. Or what I want them to want. So I let them decide if they want a new window or not. But what you want is entirely up to you. Life is good, isn’t it?