Remember that guy who told you that Formula 1 is boring? That guy is so wrong and Sunday’s race in Montreal, Canada, proved just that.

None of the 70 laps was never close to boring; the safety car was out on the tracks four times, there was constant fighting for positions and points, some of the veterans did some really stupid mistakes - Felipe Massa got himself black flagged for exiting the pits on the red light, while Alonso was bouncing around in the middle of the field together with Kimi Räikkönen - and freshman Lewis Hamilton brought home his first Formula 1 victory.

Out of 22 cars, only 12 finished, Coulthard and Button had to leave the race with gearbox problems, Massa and Fisichella were both disqualified for jumping the same red light, while six cars were involved in accidents.

The most spectacular of the accidents involved Robert Kubica and Jarno Trulli:

If the clip is pulled from YouTube, and there is a good chance it is when you read this because the Formula 1 management are removing every clip related to the crash from the site, you can search on YouTube to see if anyone has posted a new version. Some people don’t like free PR.

Yes, the guy who told you that Formula 1 is boring was so wrong. He is probably the same guy who told you that snooker is boring. What a dick that guy is.

More information about the race is available on the Formula 1 site.


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