I’m not much of sports guy. Football (or “soccer” as they call at the other side of that huge ocean) is a very popular sport that has never really entertained me - except for a brief period during this year’s World Cup.

Motor sports, on the other hand, I find quite fascinating, and the more spectacular crashes the drivers are able to get away from unharmed, the better it is.

In about one and a half hour the last race of the 2006 Formula 1 season starts. Fernando Alonso only needs one point to win the championship, even if Michael Schumacher wins today’s race. If Schumacher wins and Alonso fails to take any points, they’ll be tied and I’m not quite sure how they solve that. Maybe they’ll have a fist fight or something.

Anyway, you’ll find me in front of the TV to witness the sports event thriller of the year!