This entry is dedicated to a moron. When waiting for a green light to cross an intersection tonight a moron through threw (I can’t spell and beer doesn’t help) a half-full McDonald’s cups of Fanta at me from a passing car. This entry is dedicated to that moron.

A few things in life makes me ask this question: “What’s the god damn point?” This was one of those things. What was the god damn point of doing that? Since the moron was a lousy thrower, he didn’t hit very well and I only got some on my pants, but still: What was the god damn point of throwing a cup of Fanta - or throwing anything for that matter - at someone just for kicks? If we’d been having a throw-beverages-at-each-other-party or something, it would’ve been OK. Unfortunately, my invitation was lost in the mail.

Dear inbred motherfucker: It’s because of people like you there are wars in this world. People like you and religion. The next time I hope you throw your Fanta at someone with the resources and time to hunt you down and throw a Fanta back at you.


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