A new Star Wars movie will be released this Christmas, and with it comes the usual torrent of additional Star Wars branded merchandise, including a new video game. On Friday, Electronic Arts revealed the Star Wars: Battlefront1 trailer, a trailer that has already racked up over nine million views on YouTube (make sure you watch this in full screen and 1080p):

That sure is one good looking game.

You probably noticed the “game engine footage” message in the beginning of the trailer. There are some discussions about what this actually means going around on the internet, so I though I’d chime in as well - since I love to chime in on subjects on which I have absolutely no credibility: My personal take is that is pre-rendered footage, but it’s made with the actual game engine. In other words, unless you have NSA-level hardware, this is not the kind of graphics you’ll get when you play the game - but the game’s engine is, at least in theory, capable of producing it. Developer, Swedish DICE, has released some visually stunning games in the past. Star Wars Battlefront will run on the same engine as Battlefield 4, Frostbite 3. I’ve looked at some Battlefield 4 gameplay videos, and there’s not doubt that the engine is capable of pumping out amazing graphics. I’m sure the in-game graphics in Battlefront will be pretty sweet as well.

So if you’re a Star Wars fan, own an Xbox One, PS4, or a sufficiently powerful PC rig, you should mark November 17 in your calendar. But for the love of all things holy, don’t pre-order anything.

  1. Not to be confused with the 2004 game with the same name↩︎